10 Arizona summer event promotion tips for your business

For most of the US, summer officially starts in just a few days. But for Arizonans, summer is already in full effect. While summers in Arizona can be scorching hot, people are still looking for reasons to get out of the house. So, when you’re planning a big promotional event to create brand awareness for your business, it’s important to remember that it’s HOT outside and you need to plan accordingly. Here are 10 important tips to help ensure you get maximum returns on your investment and have a terrific promotional event, even in the heat.

1. Take no less than 2 weeks to advertise your event.

Use fliers of varying different colors and a range of different messages. Be creative and use only high quality and original artwork. Keep it short: images should be striking and simple as should your slogans.

2. Connect with local radio, websites, and newspapers.

Ask them to promote your event in exchange for promoting them in return on your fliers and announcements. They will be familiar with this type of arrangement- so when you pitch, focus on how your event will benefit them.

3. Have events indoors to avoid the summer heat.

If an outdoor event is unavoidable, try and plan it for the morning or evening when it’s cooler, and make sure to have plenty of shade and cold drinks on hand.

4. Do not rely solely on social networks to spread awareness of your event.

If you have a strong social media presence, then use it- but don’t waste too much time on that as time is short and you need to focus on local audiences.

5. Always tell people when and where the event starts.

Put it in all your messaging. It takes up typographical space simply and is easy to understand.

6. Know the entire program exactly from start to finish.

This is to avoid surprises but also so that during promotion you can use any point in the program to appeal to a person’s specific interests.

7. Be sure to advertise where your audience is located, not where your event is.

Do your market research and post your messages where people who appreciate your brand will be when they will be there. Hire a few teenagers to hand out fliers in strategically located parking lots.

8. Tell people about your event in person.

Be excited, and get them engaged. Today many people are sedentary and need some convincing to leave the house. Tell your friends, ask them to tell their friends in turn. Don’t be pushy. If you have trouble approaching people consider having some t-shirts made up that will capture attention.

9. With large events, don’t assume that people will come.

Plan for the worst, but be ready for the best. In the worst case scenario, you will need to think quickly to come up with some promotional offers to pull folks in off the street- and hopefully, break even on your investment.

10. If you hire entertainment, make sure the band or performer has the broadest possible appeal.

Avoid genres that have a limited audience. Country music and rock and roll groups can be great if the crowd is right, but blues, for example, is a lot more universal.Most importantly, keep yourself moving from this very moment right up until the point your event begins. Do whatever it takes to exude enthusiasm for your event. If you believe in it, they will come.