3 reasons to advertise with balloons and promotional Inflatables

Really big things attract attention. We can't help but admire "bigger than life" stuff, like towering mountains, immense elephants, and skyscrapers that disappear into the clouds. That's why giant inflatables are so popular — and successful — as advertising mediums in a world where attracting massive amounts of attention to your business is the name of the game.

Giant promotional inflatables are like mini-circuses to the eye: colorful, energetic, and mysterious. Inflatable balloons get their attention in an untraditional way.

Large balloons and blimps are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors, allowing your message to command attention from up to 200 feet in the air.  Let’s take a look at the top three reasons to advertise with balloons and blimps.

1. Eye-Catching

With balloons or blimps, your advertising message can hover above your company building (up to 200 feet) and seize the attention of anyone within several miles of your business. Businesses benefit from adding branded logos to helium balloons and blimps, helping customers make the connection between an advertisement and a brand. Need to be seen at night? Not a problem! Many helium balloons and blimps are capable of accommodating an internal lighting system, illuminating your message for all to see.

What if you operate your business out of a nice, clean building that is functional and attractive but surrounded by hundreds of other businesses that tower over yours? Not only can giant inflatables provide increased visibility for your company's specials, grand openings, one-day sales and promotional offers, but inflatables can also highlight the existence of your company amid dozens of other surrounding businesses. Moreover, gigantic inflatables can be seen in all directions, which maximizes the potential of any size commercial space by attracting attention to your business without your business actually being seen.

By comparison, static billboards, signs, and simple banners are mundane and easily overlooked by drivers and pedestrians who glance at (and forget about) these common types of advertising. In addition, billboards suffer rapidly from the elements. They tend to fade in the Arizona sun, tear or get defaced by budding graffiti artists. Signs and banners generally don't have enough room to put anything on them except text and the name of a business. Unless signs and banners are ENORMOUS (like two-story building enormous), they won't grab anyone's attention and they won't be remembered for their ingenuity, humor or dynamic personality.

2. Maintenance-Free

With traditional advertising techniques, there’s a certain amount of upkeep required. If a change needs to be made in print or television advertising, additional costs are incurred by businesses. If you’re using storefront advertising, you are probably updating it every now and then, which costs you more time and money. Using a helium balloon or blimp to get the word out about your promotion is hassle-free. Once your promotion is over, simply have the balloon taken down and continue business as usual.

3. Affordable

As opposed to print or television advertising, helium balloons are cost-effective for businesses. Print and television advertising is expensive to produce, coordinate, and distribute. Furthermore, you’re left wondering whether your commercial or print ad will actually reach any of your customers. On the other hand, helium balloons and blimps are low cost and maximize your advertising efforts. Unlike short commercials or tiny print ads, a helium balloon or blimp earns the attention of everyone in your area.

Are you tired of struggling to get the word out about your latest promotion?  Helium balloons and blimps are a great way to attract attention to your business. Big AZ Promotions can help you select the right helium balloon or blimp for your business needs at an affordable price.

Balloon and inflatable advertising options with Big AZ

Constructed to meet your specifications, our inflatables can also be equipped with a sophisticated internal lighting system that advertises your business brightly all night long. People are naturally curious about magically floating blimps and high-flying balloons advertising a grand opening or huge sale, so expect a large crowd to descend on your business when you advertise with Big AZ balloons.

Some of our most popular inflatables are monster "cold air" inflatables that look like giant Frankensteins, Godzillas and other favorite film monsters. You can advertise your sales event 24 hours a day with one of these easily recognizable bad guys. Additionally, you won't have to worry about the inflatable getting loose or deflating because Big AZ Promotions will gladly install and maintain your monster inflatable for as long as you hold your event.

Giant Inflatable Bull Character