January 29, 2015

3 Types Of Linens You Can Rent For Your Event

The color, texture and style of table linens all play big roles in setting the mood for any event. Although traditional cotton materials never fail to impress, there are so many other options available that are worth considering. Outfitting your tables, chairs and place settings with high quality linens does not need to cost a lot either. You can actually rent the linens you need to make your event a success. Big AZ Promotions can help you source fresh, clean linens designed to fit your chosen table and chair styles for an event of any size. Here are some material and style ideas you can use for your upcoming event.


Tablecloths fill the room with texture and style in your chosen color scheme. To complete the layout, all of the other decorations will just need to complement or contrast your table linen selections. You can either alternate the color and texture of the cloths or make the tables all look the same.The type of material you select determines the overall texture of the room. For example, you can use satin, crepe, brocade and vinyl to make each table look smooth and shiny. For a heavily detailed texture, choose lace, burlap, denim or tweed tablecloths. Depending on the fabric you choose, the linens may loosely drape over the tables or tightly grip the edges and legs.Furthermore, you can create pleated corners with heavy, loose materials, or a ruched look with correctly stitched stretchy fabrics. Material colors range from dramatic grayscale to bright jewel tones for almost all of the fabric options.

Chair Covers

Although chair covers may feel like a frivolous expense, their appearance and texture can really bring the room together. After all, specially designed covers hide the chair legs and actually make the seat resemble a royal throne. You can either match the covers to the table linens or choose a contrasting theme.Your event planning company will make sure the ordered covers correctly fit the chairs, but it's up to you to select the details, like color, fabric type, stitching and embellishments. For example, chair covers may have a plain, square cut appearance or feature a ton of soft curves due to a bunched tie on the back. Chair covers may also have bows, ribbons or flowers pinned to the back to further dress up the design.


Fabric napkins add an air of sophistication to your event. You are slightly more restricted in your fabric choice for napkins, as the material needs to be highly absorbent and soft to the touch. The fabric should also be thick enough to hold its shape on the table and block spills when placed on your guests' laps.Quality fabrics used for napkins include vintage cotton, linen and polyester blends. You should obtain napkins that have decorative stitching around the edges to instantly impress your guests.Also, consider folding the napkins in fun shapes or using beautifully adorned rings to pull the centers together. You will usually receive almost double the napkins as the number of guests at your event to easily switch them out as needed.

Creating Your Layout

Allow your event-planning professional to lead you to the best table, chair and napkin layout for your event type. Event planners can also help you select fabric types and color schemes if you're unsure or undecided about what to use. Once you make your selections, your event planner will place your order for the table linens and have them delivered to the venue site on the day of the party. Your event planner will handle the venue set up and clean up tasks, so you can enjoy your own party by mingling with guests, eating your delicious meal or dancing the night away.