April 11, 2016

6 Tips for Planning A Graduation Party

Though no one ever needs an excuse to host a party, it's always extra exciting when you're able to use them to celebrate something special. Milestones are particularly great reasons for a party; there's no better way to capstone a long-running success with a social gathering with friends and families.And that's why graduation parties are so much fun. Whether they're for kids graduating kindergarten or future scholars graduating college, they're always a universal blast. Consider these tips to make the best of yours.

1. Excite with the Invite

If you want prospective guests to react to your party with enthusiasm, set the tone in a professional manner. Facebook invites may be the most en vogue, but they're also the most impersonal. Instead, send graduation party invitations to guests approximately one month prior. The invitations themselves don't need to be formal, they just need to match your party's tone and show that you care.

2. Choose the Right Venue

Not all graduation parties are created equally and nor are their venues. A bowling alley may be more appropriate for a kindergartner's graduation party than one for someone graduating a military academy. Look at the event and guest list and figure out what venue best matches the tone.Outdoor party venues are popular in Phoenix; with the abundant sunshine and unparalleled natural landscapes, it's easy to see why. Keep in mind whether you'll need tents, canopies, skirting, chair covers, linens, and other outdoor staples for your event.

3. Thrill with a Theme

Though they're not necessary for every event, graduation party theme, can be a great way to spice things up. Does your kindergarten graduate have athletic aspirations? Deck out your outdoor venue with sports decorum. Does your high school graduate plan to become an astronaut? Shoot for the stars and go intergalactic.

4. Don't Forget Food

Nothing keeps guests happy more than some graduation grub. Need a few graduation food ideas? When catering your graduation party, consider convenience. Everything you prepare for the event should be easy to keep warm or fresh, come in manageable portions, and have pretty universal taste appeal.Crackers and cheese, antipasto platters, bite-sized sandwiches, chips and dip, fruit and vegetable displays, and other similar items will facilitate easy mingling and munching between guests. Only have as much glassware and silverware as you need.If you can, hire a caterer. They can take off much of your planning stress.

5. Stage Appropriately

Party staging is key to directing flow of traffic at a graduation party. Make sure you have tables, chairs, lighting, and flooring (if relevant) placed in a way where people can easily find and travel to different stations at a party. Make sure people don't clump up in conversation where people are trying to get to the graduation party appetizers.

6. Keep Entertainment Constant

Most guests won't be staying for the entire party, so make sure you have entertainment running at all times. Boredom should not be on the guest list.For energetic events, use a dance floor, bring out Twister, and consider karaoke. For quieter events, consider a sentimental slideshow, relaxing music, and maybe even board games.