October 31, 2014

How To Advertise Your Local Business During The Big Game

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, businesses want to draw visitors in before, during and after February 1. Even if you do not spend $4.5 million for a 30-second commercial spot during the game, you can still draw in the influx of visitors who will visit the area. There are multiple advertising methods to draw attention to your business and bring customers in during the largest sporting event of the year.

Pre-game Advertising Opportunities

Parties and pre-game events are already taking place throughout the Phoenix area. As word-of-mouth spreads, you want your business to be the one that people are talking about and recommending to others. The key  to making sure your business gets the business you want prior to, and after, the game is through great advertising. You do not have to pay millions of dollars for a television commercial; you just need to know the types of advertising that will send visitors straight to your business’ door.No matter the nature of your business, you can beat the competition hands-down through a variety of affordable, great advertising options. Consider participating in every pre-game festival, street party and event you can by setting up a booth with a great canopy or tent, easily rented from Big AZ Promotions, complete with banners and other styles of signs. Be sure to have staff on-hand to explain your business, its location(s) and perhaps offer coupons or other incentives to draw people to your business.

Epicenter of Fantastic Advertising Opportunities

The area surrounding the arena is not the only place where events will be hosted. According to AZCentral, Downtown Phoenix will serve as “the epicenter” of major activities in the week leading up to the Big Game, and that “One million visitors are expected to flock to a 12-block area to enjoy free concerts, the NFL Experience, street merchants and beer and wine gardens.” If you rent the right advertising products in anticipation of the Downtown “epicenter” of activity, as well as for other pre-game and post-game activities and even during the Big Game, you are almost certain to rake in the profits from your great advertising. This AZCentral statement reinforces this point: "Super Bowl Central delivers direct economic benefits to local business." With fewer people using their cars to get around during Super Bowl week, that gives even more opportunity for businesses to advertise, using a variety of signs and banners.When setting up a booth space or other area to advertise your business, consider fun touches such as carnival-style games or a dunk tank, which is easily rented from local party and event planners in the area.  Inflatable displays  such as bounce houses, sky tubes, inflatable football helmets or and more can be customized with the name and address of your business. These sorts of touches will help draw crowds into your display.

Host Your Own Event

If your business is hosting its own Big Game event, or participating in one already scheduled, this presents more advertising options than just great tents, canopies and banners. Consider having glassware or silverware branded with your business name and details. Having a DJ at your event can add the extra excitement and fun your business’s event needs to increase awareness and attract more customers. Simply hosting or co-sponsoring an event when crowds of people are in the area is a huge way to draw visitors in to patronize your business.

Aerial Advertising

If you want to increase the visibility of your business even more, consider aerial advertising before, during or immediately after the Big Game. Aerial advertising is a great way to get people’s attention and bring customers in. Blimps, aerial balloons and airplane banners cost a fraction of Super Bowl TV commercials, but the huge signs, banners and blimps still expose huge numbers of people to your businesses. The ad message is reinforced several times as the aerial advertising blimp, balloon or plane flies overhead, causing people to look up each time the aerial advertising passes overhead. It gives your business a tremendous amount of exposure in a small amount of time.

Preparing for the Crowds

The Big Game will bring a lot of opportunity to local businesses. To make sure your business reaps its fair share of  profits, get your advertising orders in as far in advance as possible. With many businesses likely buying and renting customizable advertising early, do not run the risk of not being able to get your orders completed on time for your advertising events.If you’re in the market for promotional items for the Big Game, whether for your business or a private party, Big AZ Promotions is your Phoenix area connection! Contact us today for more information.