September 29, 2015

Arizona Fall Wedding Tips, Trends, and Advice

Fall is nearby and the weather in Arizona still remains warm. Although the days are still a little hot, fall weddings in Arizona mostly enjoy pleasant weather. A wedding at this time of year can be great, but the important question is, how do you ensure everything works smoothly?If your big day is around the corner, and you are still planning it out, here are some tips to get you going:Wear the Right AttireA classic black suit for the groom and a white Manhattan dress for the bride are trending right now. 2015 is seeing the reemergence of the British vintage look during weddings, complete with lace. If you are organizing a modern themed wedding, have the bride wear clean color palettes with bolder accents. You also can vary the shades of white to offer a modern experience.Decorating the VenueCandles are a beautiful, elegant touch you can add to a fall wedding. You can have candles lined all along the aisle or walls, from the door to the altar. If you are organizing the wedding outdoors, you can rent wedding themed tents or canopies to create shade or an enclosed atmosphere. Whether the wedding is to be lit up bright with lights or dimmed down for a romantic setting, the lighting is essential to set the right mood.Have a Place for the GuestsThis is a small, but important part. Do your guests have enough room to sit? The wrong venue could be disastrous. Remember to calculate how many guests will be attending the wedding and how many seats will be needed before booking a venue. While a dance floor can be a great place for entertainment, you also want your guests seated comfortably while you exchange your vows. Have the ideal number of tables and seats in mind when looking for a venue. Or, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, contact a wedding rentals company early to reserve enough tables and chairs for you big day.Hire the Right PhotographerBelieve it or not, the wrong choice of photographer will leave a sour taste later on. You really cannot rewind the day again, so make it a point to hire the right one. A big tip to finding the right photographer for your wedding is to look through their previous work. They should have a website or portfolio that combines their best work and if they are the right photographer, you will fall in love with their photos. Another tip for hiring the right photographer is staying within your budget. There are many wedding photographers to choose from with many different prices and wedding packages. The right photographer’s work should leave you breathless, but shouldn’t leave you money-less.Don’t Forget the Wedding Invitation and FoodHave a wedding invitation that goes with the wedding theme. If you don’t like to go the traditional way with formal invitations, you can keep it casual or fun as well. Also look into hiring a good catering service. A good catering service can not only help set the mood, but also present and serve the food smoothly and in an orderly fashion. You won’t regret it when the wedding is over.