April 30, 2015

How To Use Inflatable Promotional Products To Sell Cars at Auto Dealerships in Phoenix

When it comes to selling cars, there's no specific target audience to go after.  Unless of course you're selling Ferraris, and then you'd know to target people with lots of expendable income.  For other car buyers, though, they all pretty much fall into one of two categories:

  • They need a car
  • They want a car

What is your car dealership doing to attract buyers to your lot?

If you have yet to jump on the inflatables bandwagon, perhaps you should carefully consider it.  Inflatables come in any color, size and shape imaginable.  If you can't find a particular type of inflatable, you can rest assured it can be manufactured.  Point is, though, your auto lot needs to be taking advantage of inflatable advertising.  Not only can it enhance your sales performance, but it can also help you appear more personable to the community you're operating in.

Why are inflatable balloons such an effective marketing tool?

Inflatables are large and they flop around in the air, thus attracting attention from drivers and their passengers.  You can drive by a billboard three times a day for 10 years and never read what's on it.  With inflatables, though, they're almost guaranteed to be looked at.Another great reason to invest in inflatable marketing is because inflatables can be used again and again.  They're like a marketing campaign that can be performed over and over.  With proper care, inflatables can last 25+ years.  Even better is that they can be moved around on your lot.  Whether it be on your building's rooftop or standing next to the road, inflatables can be put almost anywhere you want.If you're still not on board with inflatable marketing, think about the fact that inflatables provide you with a way to increase your brand awareness 24/7.  Whether it be at two o'clock in the afternoon or four o'clock in the morning, inflatables sit  on your lot to constantly remind those passing by that you are still in business.Furthermore, if your dealership or auto lot tends to take part in outdoor community activities, you can bring along your inflatable to reinforce your brand.  Some trade shows will even allow companies to set up inflatables in their booths.

The takeaway

No matter the way you view inflatables -- goofy or professional -- there's no denying that they are effective at attracting new customers, thus improving your overall profit margins.  And don't forget that the money you invest toward them can be deducted on your taxes.So, as silly as it may sound, if you're looking to sell a car, perhaps you should invest in a big giant inflatable first.