July 2, 2015

10 Tips for Planning a Budget-friendly Kids' Birthday Party

Another birthday has snuck up on you and it looks like you’ll have to prioritize your budget. It is possible to reduce some expenses while creating a memorable experience for your child. Learn 10 tips to get the most for your dollar during your child’s next birthday.

1. Keep it under 20 people.

Food and any party favors are only some of the items that add up. Limiting the number of guests makes preparation and costs more manageable.

2. Combine arrangements with another birthday child.

There are so many summer babies. Your child might share a birthday month with a good friend. Approach the parent and see if they would care to collaborate and pool funds and effort. It will make it easier on both of you.

3. Look for free or low cost venues.

Host the event at your home and cross off the fees associated with renting a venue out. If hosting at home or a public venue, tent rentals are an excellent option for inclement weather or additional shade during summer months. Child-friendly public venues can also be an affordable option. Besides local child-friendly parks there are a number of fantastic Phoenix, AZ party locations that can fit within different budgets.

4. Create and stick to a budget.

There are budget trackers available online to help you determine and add up expenses. The PartyPOP US budget calculator help you to begin thinking about the associated costs and come up with an estimate. The Evite App Party Budget Estimator lets you budget and create invites from the comfort of your home.

5. The dollar store is your best friend.

Where else can you find helium balloons and a range of party supplies for a dollar? Make a list of desired items and leave the kids at home when you go.

6. Rent instead of purchasing big items.

Especially if you have limited space to store items after the event, party rentals are excellent choice. Big AZ Promotions is the Phoenix, AZ choice making it easy to rent tents, tables and chairs as well as liven up the party with bounce houses, dunk tanks and even pop-corn and cotton candy machines.

7. Have family and friends help you prepare some of the food beforehand.

Bake your own cake and get inspired with the latest Pinterest ideas. Keep children’s food simple and delicious.

8. Instead of buying everything SpongeBob, color coordinate items that can be used later.

Splurge on the plates but get napkins, tablecloths and balloons in coordinating colors.

9. Other items can be free or low cost.

Have children create their own invites for those without internet access and for others create free online invites to eliminate extra cost. Have children design their own games to play and create funny contests to engage the children.

10. Change the time of the event to 2 or 3 p.m. for a dessert party.

Offer all of the crazy snacks without the expectation of a big meal. Chips, cakes and ice cream can be the treats of the day. Even have kids design their own personalized cupcakes and combine an activity and food.Big AZ Promotions has over 20 years experience in event and party planning and is your one stop shop for all the children's party rental items, including tents, chairs, bounce houses, dunk tanks, and more. If you need help planning your child's birthday party, and keeping costs affordable, give us a call today.