July 2, 2015

Children's Birthday Party Theme Ideas and Planning

All parents want to make their children's birthday party as fun and memorable as possible, but throwing a themed birthday party can sometimes be overwhelming to parents. This list includes four birthday party theme ideas, as well as ideas to make these parties as successful as possible.

  • Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles - While the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for decades, their popularity has recently grown once again. Although pizza might be the most obvious food option, there are plenty of other food ideas to make your party fun and healthy. Try cutting a watermelon to look like a ninja turtle mouth, then cover the eyes with your child's favorite turtle's mask. The kids will loved pulling the slices of watermelon out of Donnatello's mouth, and their parents will love that their children are snacking on watermelon. You can also rent tents and decorate the insides to look like the sewers, and let children design their own shells using cardboard and markers.
  • Superheroes - As Hollywood keeps producing new superhero movies, superhero parties become more and more popular. Whether your child loves Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine, or The Torch, you can create a party that they'll remember forever. Because of their popularity, it's easy to find superhero plates, napkins, and treat bags, and because there are so many superheroes to choose from, you can choose the perfect superhero for your kid. For your superhero party, rent an inflatable obstacle course and some tents. Set up a tent that serves as a Superhero Station where children can design their own personal superhero identity, complete with capes and masks. Once they've done so, let them run through the obstacle course to get their Superhero Certification.
  • Owls - Maybe it's their big eyes or the adorable cooing sound they make, but owls are growing in popularity. Not only can you decorate balloons to look like owls, but you can make owl pizzas by letting the children decorate the pizzas with different toppings. If you're looking for a healthier option, use cucumbers and carrots to decorate sandwiches to look like owls. You can also rent a cotton candy machine, and have plenty of googly eye options for the children to make their cotton candy into an adorable owl. Let the kids try to fly in their own inflatable bouncing castle, and if you run out of activities, you can always play a round of Pin the Beak on the Owl.
  • Minions - The minions are taking over, which is great for parents looking for an easy theme party for their child. Because of their shape, minions are easy to imitate, so it will be easy to make minion cupcakes, minion twinkies, minion cakes, or minion cake pops. Let the kids get their energy out by having a minion dance floor where they can dance to all of their favorite hits. For your more competitive party-goers, decorate some 2-liter bottles to look like minions and let your children bowl a ball to knock down the minion pins.

These ideas are guaranteed to produce a fun and memorable party for you and your loved ones.