August 5, 2014

Choosing the Best Party Rentals for a Family Summer Party

Summer is a great time for a family get together or reunion celebration in order to gather together your relatives for one weekend of fun and laughs. With a wide range of age groups to entertain, it is helpful to create an activity center that will attract children of all ages and keep them busy while adults reminisce and relax. One of the easiest ways to entertain and keep children active is by renting several interactive toys for the party.


Some party rentals, like inflatables, can be quite large. Before you decide what you want to rent, it is important to measure your space to ensure that there is enough room. For most party rentals, you will need a flat surface to lay them out, but also height for taller items. Some games run water as part of the attraction; therefore water hookups need to be nearby. Depending on the company and item, you may need electrical outlets to generate power.

Bounce Houses

One of the most universally loved inflatables for kids is the Bounce House. A bounce house is designed for young children to jump up and down in a safe, cushioned atmosphere. Bounce houses will keep children entertained for hours in a safe environment. These come in themed coverings and shapes, but are usually square with additional exterior decorations in bright colors. There is a limit to how many kids can use a bounce house at a time, so an adult needs to monitor usage. Bounce houses work best when children are about the same size, as very small children will get bounced by bigger kids and large children tend to take up too much space.

Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slides are perfect for summer fun. They can often be used by children and adults therefore young children can ride down with their parents to alleviate fear. Slides come in several sizes, generally with two side by side slides. For hot weather fun in Arizona, water slides are a good bet to keep children cool.

Obstacle Courses

For party-goers eight years old and up, obstacle courses are loads of fun and can spark friendly competition with prizes. Perfectly safe due to the cushioned nature of inflatables, an obstacle course offers tunnels, pop up obstacles, slides and diving and crawling to keep kids active and entertained. Some obstacle courses are designed for older teens and adults with more room to maneuver and move. Obstacle courses may need more floor space than other inflatables, like bounce houses or slides, due to the need for varied movements. With inflatable courses, children only need minimal supervision as it is difficult to get hurt while playing.

Dunk Tank

A carnival old favorite for many years is the dunk tank. Who can resist dunking their favorite uncle or annoying cousin when they are sitting above the water? Younger siblings can throw the ball showing off their skills while getting their older brother back for pranks during the year. It never gets old watching family members get dunked into the water as it is harmless fun that everyone can get involved in.

Mechanical Bull

The mechanical bull ride is similar to what you see in country western bars and restaurants except that it is smaller and safer for kids to ride. The ring around the ride is inflated to keep riders safe when they fall.Whether you are having a family reunion, a child’s birthday party, or even are a Fall Festival for your child’s school, party rentals like these from Big AZ Promotions can ensure that a good time is had by all in attendance.