August 5, 2014

Cost effective ways to convey messages to customers

Every business owner knows that one of the biggest keys to success is advertising. However, finding the best means of advertising can be a challenge all of its own. Being able to grab the attention of potential customers can be one of the toughest challenges a business owner faces. Flashy print ads, online advertising, billboards and direct mailers are traditional methods of advertising that almost all of your competitors are already doing. To help ensure your business stands out from the rest, you want your advertising campaign to be different, unique and eye catching. Using an inflatable will do just that.

Cost effective

Inflatable advertising is one method that is very eye catching and will make your business stand apart from local competitors. In addition to this form of advertising being seen from great distances away, it is also a very cost effective means of communicating important messages to your customers and attracting potential customers. At Big AZ Promotions, we do rent inflatables of all shapes and sizes for businesses looking to do one-time advertising for a special event or sale. Using an inflatable will target a broader audience than most traditional means of advertising, giving you more for your money.

Types of inflatable advertising

Big AZ Promotions carries many  different types of inflatables that can be used for advertising. The method you choose will depend upon your business’s locations, budget, available space, target audience and purpose of your advertising. Here are some of the more popular types of inflatable advertising available:

  • Helium blimps
  • Rooftop balloons
  • Inflatable costumes
  • Custom shaped inflatables
  • Bounce houses
  • Air dancing inflatables
  • Sky guys
  • Tunnels
  • Arches
  • Tents

Attract spontaneous shoppers

Because we are subjected to advertising so frequently, many of seem to ignore traditional print, online or broadcast advertisements anymore. Often, they just click to the next page, change the channel or toss the ad in the trash. There is one group of people these ads do not target. The spontaneous shoppers are missed via most traditional means of advertising. These are shoppers who will stop by to shop or buy something based on their current mood and impulses.Using a large inflatable for advertising will attract those impulse shoppers on the spot. The inflatable will not only attract their attention, it will also peak their curiosity bringing them into your business. Thus, increasing your current client base.


All kids love to play in a bounce house, even some adults like to get in a jump around for a bit. Use a bounce house as a means to grab the attention of those passing by your business. Place it in the parking lot of your business, where it is visible by everyone from the road. Kids will want to stop by and play, which means their parents will be there too. This is the perfect chance to hand out fliers to parents, as well as strike up a conversation with them about your services while the kids are occupied.


Inflatable advertisements can be personalized to your business and available space. There are many different shapes, styles, designs and colors available to choose from. Most companies will help you customize the perfect inflatable for your business’s advertising needs.No matter what type of inflatable advertising you choose to use, it should remain consistent with your company’s brand. Use the inflatable to display your business name and logo as it appears on other traditional methods of advertising. This will spark the interest of those who are familiar with your company, as well as promote your brand.Inflatable advertising offers a unique flare to your business that could give you a boost over your local competition without having to spend an abundance of money. Let all of your customers know what you have going on and attract the attention of those who may never have thought of coming into your business. Shortly after setting up your inflatable at your business you will see just how effective this method of advertising truly is.