How To Plan a Destination Wedding in Arizona

Destination weddings create really special memories that are designed to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, they also tend to create some serious logistical nightmares for both the bride and groom, as well as the wedding party and many of the friends and relatives who want to be included in the celebration.In addition, a romantic destination wedding can be prohibitively expensive, requiring time off work, plus the cost of lodging, meals and airfare. If you would like to experience the romance of a destination wedding, but need to keep the budget under control, a great party rental company and a bit of creativity is all your really need to make it happen.

Bringing the Destination Wedding Home

While the typical destination wedding is definitely romantic, being creative will allow you to have that experience within minutes of your home. Start by choosing the right location. The location you select should be large enough for your event and easy for your guests to find. Some good options are:

  • A Large Backyard - If you don’t have one of your own, perhaps a parent or friend would lend you the use of theirs for the event. Choose one that offers privacy, yet can be accessed easily for deliveries and set up.
  • A Nearby Field, Meadow or Pasture - Choose one where the owner will allow you to have the grass mowed before the event, and agree to let guests park on the grass.
  • A Nearby Park - Choose one where you can rent several scenic campsites and utilize those facilities for parking and restrooms. Be sure to check with your city for any special permits that might be required for the celebration.

Rent Items Needed for the Big Day Once

you have selected you location, the next step is to contact a reputable party rental company and arrange to reserve the tents, tables, seating, dance floor and other portable infrastructure that you will need to make your guests comfortable. Be sure to schedule a site visit with your event planner to discuss careful plans for the layout. Be sure to look for any problems that need to be address prior to the arrival of the tents and other large items.

Make the Wedding Special For the Younger Guests, Too!

Having small children take part in the celebration is part of the joy of every wedding, but this task can be hard to manage. To eliminate boredom and keep kids happy throughout the entire day of festivities, consider adding a child's activity area in a corner of the event location. Hire a local teen to supervise the kids and add a bounce house, game tent and refreshments. Your guests will welcome the opportunity to enjoy the festivities, knowing their kids are safe nearby, and the kid friendly entertainment will keep younger guests from becoming restless or bored.

Continue the "Destination" Wedding Right Through the Honeymoon

It can be easier than you might think to capture the magic of a tropical honeymoon after your magical "destination" wedding ceremony and reception is over. For those with a minimal Honeymoon budget, try planning a staycation. Look online for staycation specials or Honeymoon packages offered by local hotels and resorts. By doing your Honeymoon locally, you can avoid excessive travel costs such as passports, airfare, and renting a car, while still having the feeling of being away for your Honeymoon.After a beautiful and very affordable destination wedding and Honeymoon, you and your new mate can enjoy being newlyweds with the satisfaction of knowing you created wonderful wedding and Honeymoon memories, without blowing the budget.At Big AZ Promotions, we have the expertise and wedding rental items you need to make your wedding the best time of your life. Contact us today for more information on our wedding rental and planning services.