March 9, 2015

Family Reunion Planning Tips For Phoenix Venues

Throwing a multigenerational family reunion in Phoenix can be tricky during the warm, summer months.. Whether you plan on holding the festivities in someone's large back yard or in one of the city's municipal parks, you can make the reunion enjoyable for attendees of all ages with some advance planning. Keep in mind that successful family reunions provide for the comfort and entertainment of people of all ages and that you can help yours be a hit with everyone involved by using a few simple strategies.

Consider Catering

If your extended family is like most, you've got relatives spread out all over the country, and this makes traditional potluck-style family reunions impractical. It's all too common these days for those who live in the city where the festivities are being held to be responsible for the majority of the food and beverage preparation. Hiring a professional catering company can relieve you of this responsibility and allow you to enjoy the company of your family members. Perhaps best of all, catering companies will assume responsibility for cleanup duties after the party is over, leaving you free to relax and savor the aftermath of a successful reunion.Catering companies can also provide accessories such as dinnerware, glassware, tablecloths, silverware, and decorative items such as fresh flowers that will give your seating and eating area with a pulled together, polished look.

Provide Shade

Even if temperatures don't soar to characteristic Phoenix heights on the day of your reunion, it's nonetheless wise to provide shaded spots for meal consumption and where people can sit and visit. Renting canopies with tables and chairs is an excellent way to provide an area that's sheltered from the sun. The adults in the party will appreciate having a comfortable area to escape the sun's direct rays, and the children will need a place in the shade to rest after playing in the sun. The Phoenix area can also experience sudden rainstorms during the late summer monsoon season, and the months between December and March also receive more rain than usual.

Provide Play Options

Children who attend family reunions can become bored and cranky if not provided with an opportunity to work (or play) off their excess energy. Bounce house rentals will be popular with younger  family  members, and if you're anticipating temperatures in the 80s and above, everyone will appreciate the chance to cool off in a fun and refreshing dunk tank.

Provide Evening Activities

Most parties in the desert don't really come to life after the sun goes down, particularly those that occur during the warm season. Whether you decide to rent an outdoor dance floor and lights or simply dance barefoot in the grass, dancing under the stars is an excellent way to make family reunion memories that will last a lifetime. Other evening activities might include wine tasting or watching a movie or sporting event on a large outdoor screen.Even if you're fortunate enough to be able to hold family reunions on a regular basis rather than having them be sporadic events that occur every 10 years or so, they are special events that everyone should enjoy as much as possible, particularly the primary hosts and those doing the majority of the planning. That's where a good event management company can make the difference a successful reunion and one where you're feeling worn out and uninspired after the festivities are over.An experienced event planner can help you craft a personalized reunion that will address the specific needs and preferences of your particular group. You can keep it simple with just a few tables and chairs under a canopy for smaller reunions, prepare for a large crowd, or customize your celebration for anything in between.