August 29, 2014

5 Memorable Wedding Theme Ideas for Arizona

While it’s not common, weddings that have a pronounced theme are held every so often, turning the event into a memorable party where everyone is dressed a particular way or the overall décor creates its own unique world. This often yields incredible wedding photos that have a particular color palate and makes the event pretty unforgettable. If you want your wedding to go outside the box, consider making it a themed wedding. We have compiled the top five memorable wedding themes, along with suggestions on what you would need to rent, decorate and instruct your guests to wear in order to successfully pull off the theme.

Black tie wedding ball

For weddings that are going to be inside a nice hotel or other wedding venue, the black tie wedding ball is an excellent theme. All male guests will be required to wear black ties with their dinner jackets, while female guests will be able to wear their most elegant dinner gowns. The DJ should also be in black tie, as should the wait staff, so that everyone sticks with the theme. The linens and tablecloths should be black or white, as should the chairs and tables if possible. While the flowers shouldn’t be black and white, they should all be one color that carries through the wedding décor. This black and white theme will really stand out in all of the photos if kept consistent.

Tropical beach-themed wedding

A beach theme can be created for a wedding even if there isn’t a beach for hundreds of miles. This means tropical colors for all the linens, a DJ and wait staff who are wearing Hawaiian shirts and exotic flowers on all the tables. The dance floor will be front and center at this wedding and it should ideally be outside, under a tent so that the nighttime breeze can mimic being in a tropical location. Of course, the bride and groom should be heading to one as soon as the wedding is over!

Victorian vintage wedding

Another popular wedding theme is the Victorian vintage wedding.  To pull off this theme, guests should be asked to wear outfits that match the style of the time, silverware and linens should be in that same elegant Victorian design and real work should be put into the table centerpieces. Tables can be very long, a la the feasts that the wealthy would have in Victorian times and the women’s dresses, especially the bride’s, should be elaborate works of art. The best part of a Victorian themed wedding is when the DJ begins playing modern music and everyone is getting down—a true clash of two entirely different times.

Asian style wedding

No matter which Asian culture if right for you, you can use the theme of your choice anywhere in the world. The linens and décor on each table will be smart and cleanly designed, along with centerpieces that reflect the Asian style of your choice. Renting a tent for this type of theme wedding will probably be the best plan of action, unless you can find a wedding venue that reflects this theme naturally.

Outdoorsy wedding

An outdoorsy wedding is one that reflects a picnic or BBQ theme. It feels rustic in its location, yet also colorful and well planned out. Chairs would be comfortable, wooden and vintage, as would the tables, signage and other structural décor. There would be picnic tablecloths and flower centerpieces that look like they were gathered earlier in the day from some magnificent nearby grove. Guests should be encouraged to dress casually yet still nice, to further reflect the theme for the photos, of course.If you’re planning a wedding in the greater Phoenix area, Big AZ Promotions can help! We’ll work with you regardless of theme to rent the products you need to make sure your wedding day truly is the best day of your life.