Holiday marketing ideas: How To Increase Brand Awareness and Sales For Any Holiday

Holidays provide perfect opportunities for businesses to reach out to potential customers and turn them into loyal fans. Everyone likes a well-orchestrated celebration no matter what the occasion. Unique ways of creating a festive ambiance to draw existing and new customers to your business and the start of a new year means a year's worth of holidays to celebrate. Following are a few simple strategies for making the most of these fun times.

Valentine's Day

Providing a dance floor complete with soft lighting shows customers that you care about their Valentine's Day experience. You don't have to own a club or a disco in order to provide a bit of dancing. Even if you only have a small dance floor with a few participants, the sight of others having fun will draw people passing by into your business. This can work for virtually any type of business, including wine shops, bookstores, and flower peddlers.


The quintessential Easter celebration involves outdoor Easter egg hunts for children. Fortunately, Phoenix children are provided with abundant opportunities to engage in this fun activity by local community groups and municipal organizations. However, neighborhood-specific small Easter egg hunts are preferred by many parents and children alike and offer a good way to express appreciation for existing customers while attracting new ones.

Mother's Day

Serving an elegant Mother's Day brunch on your business premises provides an excellent way to thank Phoenix area families for their patronage. No food service license? No problem. A qualified catering company can bring in the food as well as supply tables, chairs, place settings, and glassware. Perhaps best of all, they can clean up afterward.

The Fourth of July

Invite members of the community to celebrate the country's independence by providing classic American Fourth of July activities. An old fashioned barbecue will ensure plenty of participants, especially if you set up an outdoor area with tables and chairs under a tent to shade people from the summer sun.


Halloween is another time to provide entertainment for children, but keep in mind that adults also love spooky fun. If you own a wine store, for instance, or another business that caters to adults, consider having a costume party.

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Even if you choose to close the doors on these holidays to allow employees to enjoy spending time with their families, several ways exist for you to thank customers for their patronage by offering some sort of holiday cheer. A small table with chairs set up in a corner where customers can enjoy cups of spiced cider or cocoa will be appreciated by harried shoppers. Another example of a way to pass on some holiday cheer is to have a holiday party for customers

No matter what kind of business you have or which holiday celebrations you decide to participate in, the services of a professional catering company will help your event run smoothly. With their help, you will be able to customize your celebration for maximum appeal to your desired customer base.