January 17, 2015

Corporate Event Planning: How to Plan a Successful Company Event

Planning an all-company event sounds easy and fun, right? The latter, yes, but planning a party for a diverse group of people is never easy. There are plenty of things to take into account when you’re trying to solidify the details of a corporate event compared to planning a friends and family celebration. We’ve got several tips to help you ensure you’ve got all the right things in place to leave your colleagues satisfied.

1. Ask people what they want from a company party

You’ll never satisfy everyone completely, but the best resource for discovering what will satisfy the most possible people is the people themselves. Create a poll or survey via email that lets everyone vote on what things they want featured. This is helpful when prioritizing cost as well. Maybe the party planning committee thinks a DJ booth will be the hit of this year’s corporate party, but after sending out a survey you find out that people aren’t interested in a DJ at all. Regardless of which aspect of the party you’re planning, having guest feedback in a corporate situation is essential.

2. Include a broad range of people in the planning process

There’s bound to be many different types of personalities in your organization, and making sure that those different groups are represented is essential to ensuring that everyone has a good time. This pairs well with tip #1 above, when you’re creating your survey you need to have help from representatives of all different areas of the company. Creating an employee party survey accomplishes very little if it can’t ask questions that apply to everyone’s interests and needs when it comes to a party.

3. Make sure food aligns with dietary concerns

Ensure that when you’re menu-planning for your corporate party that you consider everyone’s dietary restrictions. You don’t want the main course to include a main allergy of the executives! Often human resource departments are the best avenue for determining what dietary restrictions will apply to the menu, however it can also be a good question to ask on the survey you send out. This is also a good place to mention that you should always send the survey prior to solidifying catering, as this can be one of the hardest things to adjust last-minute.

4. Company Values: An appropriate theme?

While you clearly want to make sure that any corporate-endorsed event reflects your corporate values and culture, it’s not always a good idea to make core values the central theme of your event or party. The purpose of these types of gatherings is often to encourage team building and bonding outside of the normal work environment structure. No one wants use their limited leisure time to be involved with work related activities unless they’re fun and based more on enjoyment than rigid corporate policy.

5. Rent from a company with a good reputation

As mentioned in tip #4, you want to ensure that your corporate party or event is reminiscent of the type of quality organization you’re a part of. This means that every part of the event must match the caliber of company the party is for. You don’t want to get your party rentals from a company with shady ethics, as this would reflect poorly on you. Take the time to research your event rental options and ensure that your cost-saving avenue for renting tables and chairs isn’t a PR nightmare down the road.Regardless of the type of corporate event you’re planning Big AZ Promotions has affordable options for you. We’re proud of our service, attention to detail and sterling reputation, and we would love to be a part of your next company event.