August 26, 2015

How Balloon Advertising Can Help Your Business Stand Out

In a crowded business setting, few advertising solutions are as beneficial as an inflatable advertising rental. Inflatables will instantly capture the eyes of potential customers and dominate the local landscape with the message you wish to convey.The following tips will help you stand out with your inflatable advertising rental and, ultimately, grow your business in the process.

Make sure the balloon will be noticeable

The most important aspect of standing out with your inflatable rental is assuring that your inflatable will be noticed. To achieve this goal, choose an inflatable that is large, and make sure it is interesting enough to catch the eye of customers.By choosing a visible spot for your inflatable and an appropriately large inflatable, you will enjoy two key benefits for your business. First, you will ensure that the inflatable is noticed in the first place. Whether you choose a large "SALE" inflatable or opt for something eye-catching and fun like a bounce house with a banner, customers will immediately have their eyes drawn to your business.Second, the inflatable will help your business stand out from the other advertising clutter and surrounding businesses. This is particularly helpful for businesses that operate near a service road or interstate since these businesses have to compete for attention with billboards and other distractions.

Choose an inflatable that reflects your company & core values

It is also important to choose an inflatable that reflects the nature of your business and its values. Choose an inflatable that is bright, engaging and drives excited customers to your doors. Avoid menacing inflatables as a general rule, unless you are opting to convey a message about your business model. For example, a monster that is crushing "regular prices" will let people know they will save money, which will naturally attract budget-conscious shoppers. Choose an inflatable that reflects your company culture and business model, and your advertising will provide an authentic snapshot of your business that will attract the kinds of customers your business needs to succeed.

Convey a relevant message 24/7

Additionally, make sure that the message is relevant at all times. For example, restaurants would be wise to choose a custom inflatable of a fun-loving chef or something similar. That way, potential customers will drive by and always know that there is a potential gem of a restaurant nearby. If the inflatable is up at all times of day, it serves as 24/7 advertising for your restaurant until drivers are interested enough (or hungry enough) to stop by.

Don't Be Afraid to Embrace Fun

While inflatable advertising is often practical, don't be afraid to embrace the fun side of inflatables. At community or sales events, you can rent a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course that kids and families will love.While this may not lead to immediate sales in the same way other inflatable advertising does, it will pay huge dividends for your business within the community.  For example, families will remember that your company helped make a holiday event or community gathering special, which will lead to them remembering your business the next time they need a product your business provides. Additionally, providing entertainment to the kids will help parents stay focused on your product or services, helping to secure sales.In short, perceptions matter when your inflatable advertising needs to stand out. Whether you are trying to immediately grab headlines over a huge sale or fostering long-term goodwill in your community, follow the tips provided to enjoy inflatable advertising rentals that will captivate attention and grow your business.