Is Inflatable Balloon Advertising The Way To Go?

In a world oversaturated with advertisements where most people are constantly being overstimulated, you really need to stand out to grab attention. Balloon advertising products and techniques are the perfect way to do this. They can be an extremely effective attention-grabber for a lower cost than you might imagine.

Using an inflatable character, sign, or whatever you decide to customize for your particular business to advertise your products/services is, in most cases, cheaper than paying for billboard space, TV ads, or print ads. Some quick research on companies that provide these types of products will help you build a basis for comparison between the costs of inflatables vs traditional advertising. If a prospective provider of inflatable advertising products is good, they will hopefully provide you with examples of prior success using their products for a business similar to yours.

OK, so inflatable advertising is for the most part cheaper than traditional advertising, but is it more effective? This comes back to traditional ad/marketing common practice: If you figure out where a good spot would be (highly visible) for your inflatable, you will get better results. Once again, if you chose the right company to provide you with inflatable advertisements, they will assist you with making sure you have the most targeted display area and actual product that will compliment your desired location.

Also, make sure you research if balloon advertising would be effective for you — you may not have a target market that would be attracted to this type of advertising. One thing I will say is, inflatables are great for children. Children just love colorful, inflatable things. If you are aiming to target families, an inflatable attention-grabber would be ideal.

Creativity is king: inflatable displays are by their very nature creative and out of the box, customizing them to fit your unique businesses and display your creative flair will help you stand out. Don’t be afraid to do something extraordinary or unique. If your display catches someone’s eye, and even better gets them to come to your business, you’ve done your job. An inflatable advertisement stands out, and is a “outside-of-the-box” way to capture attention of customers who are otherwise distracted by smartphones, television ads, billboards, etc.