How to Plan an Auto Dealership Blowout Sale

With Memorial Day coming up around the corner and the Fourth of July not too long after that, automotive dealerships across the country - let alone the state of Arizona - will be planning special promotions and incentives to move vehicles off of their lots that coincide with these holidays. But having great deals and promotions available for a select period of time doesn't do a dealership any good if they aren't hosting the event right and marketing it appropriately. With all this being said, here's a look at some tips and suggestions for automotive dealerships to abide by whenever they're hosting a massive blowout sale:Planning and Promoting a Blowout Auto Sale

  • Decide on a theme: Make your event more memorable and bring more attention to it by deciding on an overall theme. Maybe it's a circus-themed promotion? Or perhaps a casino night theme? Get creative, there are really no right or wrong themes. You can also get creative with events and activities at the dealership that you tie into the overall theme. For example, if you're having a casino theme, you might have sales staff serve as Blackjack dealers and compete against customers for free oil changes or car washes.
  • Bring attention to your lot: While you should be marketing your deals through other avenues (more to come on that later), you should also be drawing attention to your lot to attract walk-up traffic. Yes, your dealership should have a presence - it should stand out to everyone that passes it. And we're not just talking about hanging banners, streamers and planting a sign in front of your lot. No, you should be going all out. Think like an advertising blimp or balloon, or some other sort of inflatable promotion to draw attention to your lot.
  • Print Marketing: Despite what you may think, print marketing is still effective. So don't be afraid to take out ad space in your local newspaper to let a wider audience know about your sale. To make the advertising more impactful, you can also include coupons that potential buyers can redeem at your lot for further benefits. Not only can this help bring more people into your business, but it can also help track advertising to a certain extent so you can learn whether or not this specific promotion is resonating with consumers.
  • Radio/TV Marketing: To really cover all of the bases, don't forget about running ads on local radio and television programs. Like you do with any print advertising, make sure there's some sort of additional incentive with the ad that consumers can tell you about and redeem in person when shopping at your lot.

Aside from promoting and marketing your event properly, it's also important to have enough sales associates on hand for a blowout auto sale. After all, with an expected uptick in customers, the goal is to move vehicles during this promotional time period. And moving vehicles is difficult to do if there aren't enough sales associates working to serve the clientele that are frequenting the establishment.It's a big promotion you've got on the docket - make sure that you're doing it right to get the most out of it.