April 21, 2014

Planning Your Party on a Budget

When on a tight budget, throwing a party may seem like the last thing on your mind. But sometimes life calls for a party! Don’t let finances keep you from having fun. Planning a party on a budget is both possible and practical. Here are a few tips for throwing a successful party, while keeping expenses at a minimum.

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The terms potluck and BYOB are a party planner’s best friend. The first tip is to invite guests to share party expenses. That doesn’t mean hiring a bouncer to collect a cover charge, but it can mean asking guests to bring their favorite food dish or drink. Most people are used to these types of parties, and some relish the opportunity to show off their cooking or share a favorite drink.

Buy in bulk

If you are a member at a big box store, take advantage of bulk purchasing options. You can save a considerable amount of money, especially if alcohol is also sold at these stores.

Limit the guest list

There is nothing wrong with cutting down on the amount of guests. If you were planning to invite people just for the sake of having a larger turnout, think again. Smaller parties are often the most enjoyable, so remember: bigger is not always better.

Budget and save

When planning a party, it is never too early to start saving money. Develop a party budget  as a guide so you know how much money to save. Setting aside a small amount of cash each month will ease stress when it’s time to start making purchases or deposits on your party rentals.

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