July 30, 2015

Arizona Inflatable Advertising Q&A: Local Business Tips

Planning your next party and looking for something super fun for the young and young at heart? Summer is the season to incorporate all forms of inflatables, from bounce houses and waterslides to obstacle courses and more. You may have questions about where, when and how to use an inflatable. Our AZ party rental firm can help answer those questions.

Q: I have been working hard to maintain a nice yard. Will the bounce house or any inflatable damage my lawn?

A: When clients purchase a one day rental of an inflatable, they feel comfortable knowing that bounce houses and the like will not damage the grass.

Q: How do I set up the space for a bounce house or inflatable?

A: First, clear all debris from the intended area. These can be items large and small such as pet feces, lawn décor, hoses and sprinklers, large rocks, sticks, lawn furniture, toys and sharp objects.

You will need adequate space. As an example, bounce houses are a minimum of 15 feet tall. 5 feet of space is needed around the bounce house and 10 feet of space in front of the unit are necessary for guests to enter. Feel free to contact a representative if ordering an assortment of inflatables and we will work with you to determine the possibilities within the allotted area.

If the yard is not perfectly even or has a slight slope, inflatables are still an option. If there is a steep slope, another area will need to be selected for placement of the inflatable.

Of special note is that a 110 VAC outlet is necessary for inflation. An alternative is the use of a power generator.

Q: I would like to host the party in an area that is not my yard. I am considering a park. Is this possible?

Bounce houses and inflatables can be set up at other locations, but we do not get permission from public parks or other areas. Individuals who are considering using an inflatable at a public park must obtain any necessary permits or pay any associated fees. Call your selected AZ park or recreational area to get more information on their requirements.

All inflatables must be inflated. If the location does not have an 110VAC outlet available, using a power generator would be required.

Q: Are inflatables safe?

All of our inflatables are insured and are perfectly safe with proper supervision from individuals renting units and used in the manner directed on our safety checklist. Units are cleaned and checked before each and every delivery insuring the integrity of each inflatable.

Q: Who would supervise the use of the inflatables while in use?

The person renting the inflatable or an individual selected by them would be responsible for appropriately supervising the use of the unit and the users.

Is there a question that still remains unanswered? Call a friendly AZ inflatable associate to speak about your specific needs and respond to any concerns. Our clients enjoy fast, friendly service that takes into account many special requests. Inflatables are a fun and easy way to add more pizazz to your next party.

Big AZ Promotions can provide you with inflatables and any other party or event rentals you may need. From childrens' birthday parties to corporate events, we can do it all. Give us a call today to discuss planning your event.