January 9, 2014

Questions to Ask When Renting a Tent for Your Wedding

Wedding planning is never easy. It can take months or even years to plan your perfect day. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, one decision that you will have to make for your big day determining is what kind of tent you will need.SizeThe size of the tent that you need will depend on the number of people who will be attending and also the configuration of the seating. Some typical tent sizes include:

  • A 20' x 40' tent - normally good for 64 to 100 people depending on seating configuration.
  • A 30' x 60' tent - normally good for 144 to 180 people depending on seating configuration.
  • A 40' x 60' tent - normally good for about 120 people depending on seating configuration

Tent Style

There are many different styles of tents that can be rented for a wedding. Some of the more popular styles are pole, tension, and frame. The pole style tent has a center pole that is higher than the exterior and slopes to shorter support poles on all sides. The tension tent also has a center pole that is higher than the exterior but creates more of a sculpted look on the interior of the tent. Both the pole and tension tents are usually a minimum of 30 feet wide and require additional space all the way around for stakes and ropes. The frame tent is smaller and can be as narrow as 10 feet. These tents are supported by a framework of pipes that are hidden in the ceiling. All of these tent styles can support interior and exterior lights.

Tent setup

You will also want to find out of you need to have a permit for the tents and make sure that the ground on which you are planning on setting up the tent on will work for the size and style of tent you have chosen. Before you decide on a tent, you should check with all local ordinances, as many areas require a permit to erect a reception tent.Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Why not relieve some of the stress of planning your big day and have Big AZ Promotions assist with finding the perfect tent to make your day unforgettable?