Rev Up Engines About Your Business from the Rooftops

Inflatable advertising comes in all sizes and a huge array of styles, colors and staging choices, for any industry. As an automobile dealership owner, you are in good company if you are considering using some type of inflatable advertising to attract new business and drive improved sales performance and figures.

The benefits of inflatable advertising to pump up your business

The main reason that inflatable advertising strikes such a chord in the automobile industry in particular is that drivers can see your company's logo and even its slogan from the road. Consider a few additional benefits of using these air-filled advertising giants.

  • Purchase Once, Reuse Again and Again. For a one-time price, you can purchase your inflatable billboard and, with good care, you can use it for years to come.
  • A Moveable Piece of Advertising. If you choose a smaller inflatable for your lot, you can easily load it onto the back of a truck for some mobile advertising when necessary.
  • Light Up for Late Night Drivers. Shine a spotlight on your rooftop centerpiece to catch the attention of late night drivers. You might find that your nighttime advertising results improve since your enormous inflatable shines as a beacon for drivers doing some late night car buying thinking.

Whether you place your inflatable on the roof of your business, use a balloon tethered to your lot or hire out a blimp, these types of advertisements help get the word out across the gorgeous blue Arizona skies about your auto dealership and the car shows where people can find your cars.

Auto Dealer Air Dancers

What type of inflatable will rev up car buyers' desire to stop in for a visit?

Once you have decided to use inflatables to advertise your business, it is time to decide what type of inflatable you will use.  You may choose an inflatable that directly relates to your business, or you might go for something abstract that makes your prospective customers think, smile, laugh and ultimately, stop in for a visit. Ask yourself some questions before making your final choice of inflatable advertising figure or figures.

  • What do I want to achieve with this advertising? The type of inflatable you choose might depend on something as simple as the type of cars that you sell and the prospective audience you seek. For example, you might not choose the same inflatable for a recreational SUV focused dealership as one geared toward sports car enthusiasts. Know your prospective buyers and figure out how to reach them with advertising.
  • Where will you place it? If this is your main rooftop piece, you might choose something completely different from the arm-waving creature on your lot. Similarly, if you want to transport your inflatables or tents to auto shows, you need to consider size and mobility.

As an auto dealership in sunny Phoenix Arizona, you can use your inflatable piece, or pieces, year-round. Take your advertising to the next level by turning any inflatable event into a community affair. Fire up the grill, offer refreshments for your guests and provide some entertainment. At Big AZ Promotions, in addition to providing your inflatable advertisements, we also rent a number of party items like dunk tanks or cash machines for added fun at your promotional events.