October 1, 2017

Benefits of Tent Rentals For Weddings in Phoenix Arizona

The average wedding cost has been on the rise in recent years. In 2013, the average wedding cost $30,000. With the rising costs associated with getting married, many couples are opting for more affordable solutions, such as hosting their wedding in a park or backyard.  For these couples, renting a tent for their wedding reception offers an appealing, cost effective solution to the traditional wedding venue.

The first and most valuable aspect of a tent wedding is the fact that it allows you to have a natural beauty backdrop for your wedding. Imagine having a wedding ceremony with a setting sun and a huge canyon in the background, or the ocean and waves coming in, or even a beautiful forest and rolling hills in the background. The scenery, if chosen right, can make what would be an ordinary wedding an amazing experience that can't be duplicated inside a church or building.

Second, as the summer subsides in Arizona, tents can help couples take advantage of the cooler evening temperatures and create a romantic atmosphere. The music, fresh air, candlelight and setting can all contribute to creating a magical wedding experience that your guests will not soon forget.

Third, tents are easy to install and put up in most locations. This makes them extremely versatile and opens up all sorts of options and choices for the creative types when it comes to designing a unique wedding celebration. No surprise, tent weddings can be quite magical and don't have to use the basic canvas tent idea. The insides can be decorated like an Arabian night, a grand southern celebration, or something completely new. The imagination is the limit because one is working with open landscape and location versus just a pre-defined building.

The best way to make an amazing tent wedding a reality is to first scout out prime locations. Look at them at the time of day the wedding would occur. Examining the lighting, the location, where the tent would be positioned, and the overall view and access. Then consider the size of the tent. Adjust for how many people will likely attend, the number of tables, and the amount of catering support that will be needed. If there is to be a stage and band, these should be taken into consideration as well.

Then plan for how the inside of the wedding and reception tents will look. Some amazing interior decoration can be performed with curtains, ribbons, canvas and lighting.With all this planning mapped out, then Big AZ Promotions can help provide some amazing equipment for a prime wedding location. Although many people will rent a tent for a wedding, the appeal tents provide for a special event is certainly not limited to weddings! We also provide tent rentals and party rentals for a wide variety of events, such as corporate parties, birthday parties or festivals.

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