May 28, 2014

The Value of Referrals: How Building Good Relationships Helps Create New Customers

A direct referral from a friend, family member, business partner or satisfied customer is invaluable, particularly for small businesses. People act on recommendations from those they trust more often than they do from any other source of business information. This is especially true when help is needed for planning a special event or party. No one wants an important day handled by  by a business they don’t completely trust.

Our Referral Philosophy

At Big AZ Promotions referrals are central to our business philosophy. Referrals account for at least half of our overall customer base. Without referrals our business would deflate, which is why we put so much effort into building quality relationships that result in people recommending our services. We also believe in reciprocating referrals whenever we can; it’s part of good business.

Our Referral Strategy

It’s no mistake that since such a big part of our new business comes from referrals we put a lot of time and effort into making Big AZ Promotions a reputable inflatable advertising and event planning company that people love to recommend. Here’s some ways we operate that help us get recommended:

We build strong relationships in the community. We value each business partnership we have regardless of how big. when partners feel valued they, in turn, value us.

We provide quality products. The products we provide are the heart and soul of our business and there’s simply no substitute for exceptional quality. Whether its tents, bounce houses, dunk tanks, inflatable advertising solutions or simply chairs and tables, we always make sure our products are best in class.

We deliver outstanding service. Providing quality products is half of the battle, delivering them with a smile and can-do attitude is the other half. The high quality of all f our products is be amplified by consistently excellent customer service.

We go the extra mile. We truly believe that the customer is always right, and while our customers are rarely dissatisfied, we make certain that when there is a difference in opinion over our services we go above and beyond to make it right.

How It All Comes Together

All of this sounds good in theory, but what does it look like in practice? Recently we helped Sardella’s host a customer appreciation party, a connection which began as a referral. Big AZ Promotions handles sales and promotional events for a local auto dealership. Our engagement included promoting weekend sales, new product launches, and customer and employee appreciation events.  The wife of the general manager needed a bounce house for a neighbor’s party, so we immediately jumped at the opportunity to provide it as a courtesy.At the party, a friend asked the party host where they got the bounce house and we were referred based on the quality of the product and for being so accommodating.  That friend proceeded to contact Big AZ Promotions and we helped with a small family party. Another member of the family then contacted us a month later asking if we could help with their 26th anniversary celebration for their restaurant chain, Sardella’s.

This story is a perfect example of how going the extra mile, delivering outstanding and quality products earns you the trust and respect of partners and friends.The bottom line? If you’re a local business and you’re not doing everything possible to position your company to be trusted enough so that someone would recommend you to a friend, you need to revaluate your customer acquisition strategy.