July 30, 2015

Three Ways to Beat the Arizona Heat During Your Party

As of this writing, it’s 103 degrees Fahrenheit in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. This isn’t unusual for summer months, either. The average high in July is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. While most people are timidly hiding from the heat in air conditioned homes and offices, some brave hosts want to have a heat-beating party. You don’t need a pool or river to have a great outdoor party in Phoenix. Cleverly planning your party will stack the odds – and temperature – in your favor.

Three Heat Evading Party EssentialsYour friends and family don’t want to rely on air conditioning. Having a party focused on staying cool will draw people outside and they’ll have a great time because of it.

  • Misters and fans. Placed strategically throughout the party, fans with misters will keep the overall air temperature way down. Be careful not to put them near the food, however, as this creates a soggy situation for most dishes. Instead, focus on areas for dancing and seating. If the alcohol will be in its own area, put a mister fan by the booze. It won’t hurt the alcohol bottles at all, and guests will enjoy a spritz when they grab a new beverage.
  • Water toys. Begin by renting a few inflatable water toys that will be the main event. An inflatable water slide designed for adults will certainly keep everybody entertained. You might even spring for an aquatic obstacle course. Add onto the fun by buying as many water guns as you can and keeping large buckets on hand for refill stations. Visit a discount store and load up on any other water-based toys that will engage guests and increase the shared fun.
  • Endless drink options. Every guest needs a drink in their hands at all times. Make this easy by having multiple drink stations throughout the venue. Have plenty of bottled water, sodas and alcohol (perhaps). Provide as many different drinking options as possible to keep everyone hydrated. The summer heat in Phoenix is no joke! Keeping your guests adequately hydrated is an important hosting responsibility. You can also make watery fruits, such as watermelon, apples and grapes, available to provide additional hydration.

Each of the above essentials will prepare your party for dealing with the infamous Phoenix heat. If inspired, you can go the extra mile with this bonus essential.

  • Bonus Essential:  Shade. Shaded areas are a hot commodity for any outdoor event in Phoenix. Do whatever you can to provide as much shade as possible. Some companies will rent shading gear, or you can make it yourself. There are multiple options to fit most budgets. Investing in shading will go a long way in increasing the comfort of your guests. Along with shade, make it a point to have sunscreen on hand for guests in need.

Your Outdoor Party Will be a Cool HitThe above essentials will enable your and your guests to evade the dreaded Phoenix heat that everyone else is dealing with. Instead of hiding inside, you and your friends will be dancing, drinking and splashing around with stellar inflatable water toys and other helpful essentials.