4 Easy Ways To Save Money Planning Your Wedding

Fact: Weddings are expensive.

There is a difference between spending a lot of money on a wedding with a fabulous end result and spending a lot of money and still not getting EXACTLY what you had in mind. It goes without saying that a wedding budget is works best when it is created in an efficiently. As a professional wedding planning and wedding rentals company in the Phoenix area, Big AZ Promotions has compiled a list of tips to help brides save money and stay within budget.

1. Create a time schedule for planning; budgeting time is just as important as money.

When you start planning a wedding, you will obviously have a deadline: the wedding day! When planning your wedding, it is important to have an established timeline. Don’t get stuck fussing over one minute detail and have it lead to sacrificing something larger. This trick will help you stay on budget by preventing you from paying additional fees to rush something or to hire someone last minute.

2. Avoid peak days or times of year

With temperatures well into the 100s (even at night), July and August are typically two of the least expensive months to get married in the Phoenix metro area. Brides to be can also find great savings on wedding venue pricing on weekday weddings as well as on Fridays or Sundays. As long as you are flexible with your wedding date, this is a great way to save thousands of dollars (and don’t worry, your guests will be more than happy to take a day off if you have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday).

3. Save money on flowers

There are plenty of places within the ceremony and reception where you can save money without your guests noticing. One of these areas is with your flowers. For flowers, pick flowers that are in season, and include greenery where you can. By picking flowers that are in season, you won’t have to pay premium pricing and can still have a beautiful bouquet and centerpieces.

4. Skip the venue and get creative

Hosting a wedding at one of Phoenix’s popular wedding venues is expensive. Rather than get married somewhere your friends and family have attended weddings before, get creative. Find someplace unique to get married, like a local park or a friend or family member’s backyard. By going this route, you can skip the overpriced venue fees, and rent items such as chairs, tents, tables and even China, for your wedding day.Weddings can be expensive, and the stress of staying in budget can take its toll on a bride. That’s why the professionals at Big AZ Promotions are here to help. With over 20 years wedding planning experience, Big AZ Promotions is ready to help brides with any size budget plan their dream wedding while staying within their budget.