December 9, 2013

What Should You Rent For Your Office Holiday Party?

The Top 3 Rental Items for Office Holiday Parties

As you prepare to host an office holiday party, there are a number of considerations that come into play, such as what the theme will be, whether or not it will include alcohol, and how to keep it professional. Whatever decisions you make as you plan the party, it is important to carefully choose your rental items in order to maintain your theme. Even if you are on a tight budget, there will be certain items that you’ll need to rent in order to ensure that the festivities go off without a hitch!

Linens and Place Settings

At most office holiday parties, linens and place settings set the tone for the party. Once you choose your theme, you can begin to consider how these items will be incorporated at the event. For instance, if you choose to go with a classy Christmas theme, you may want to select elegant tablecloths topped with cheery Christmas place settings. This type of setting will encourage your coworkers to sit and chat as they enjoy the festivities.

A Dance Floor

The presence or absence of a dance floor can be a huge determinant in regard to the atmosphere of the party. If your office is the type of place where a dance party is acceptable, a designated dance space is a great idea. Since you likely don’t have a good dance floor just sitting around your office, a dance floor should go high on your list of items to rent.

A Sound System

Every holiday party needs to be accompanied with a selection of holiday music. A great sound system can work wonders for an office party. And, if you choose to rent a dance floor as well, you’ll want to rent a sound system that can clearly broadcast a soundtrack that is full of holiday cheer.With all of these rental items, you should look for an affordable rental company that offers a wide selection of high quality options. If you are in Arizona, Big AZ Promotions can supply everything you need to make your office Christmas party a hit with your coworkers!